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5 unisex athletes  (minimum 4) form a team. 

The best/lowest scores of 4 athletes will be  taken. The result of ski race (without age factor) is applied. From the sum of  best 4 daily results on all three competition days (Ski – Golf day 1 – Golf day 2) the Team World-Cup is calculated. 


The lowest 4 Golf-Handicaps of Team-Athletes will be taken. If the added sum is less than -26, this team compete in AMATEUR TEAM class. Teams with higher added 4 best Handicaps challenge the FUN-TEAM class. Teams with Professionals and all other Teams start in overall category. MASTERS-TEAM (4 or 5 Masterclass athletes) 


Entry closing date: May 1st 2023 – 12.00 a.m. Substitutes will only be accepted by receiving a team entry form!



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