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Golfer and skiers (professionals as amateurs) who are regular members of accepted Golfclubs of National or International golf Associations are qualified to take part in the competition. Handicap of athletes must be at least -18, or better. Individual participants can also start in mixed pairs as in team competitions too. Golf will be played by the rules of R&A Rules limited, the Austrian Golf Association and local course-rules of the Zell am See-Kaprun Golf courses. The skiing competition is carried out according to the guidelines of the European Cup FIS skiing association.

Men: PROFESSIONALS (no age limit)
Ladies and Men: JUNIORS CLASS born 2002 and younger
Ladies and Men: MAIN CLASS born 2001 to 1983
Ladies and Men: MID AGE born 1982 to 1973
Ladies and Men: MASTERS I CLASS born 1972 to 1963
Ladies and Men: MASTERS II CLASS born 1962 and before
Ladies and Men: MIXED PAIRS  (1 male and 1 female athlete)

TEAMS (unisex) Overall - Amateur - Fun Teams - Master Teams

*Professionals: FIS Alpine Ski world cup series athlete or non-active since 5 years; all playing and teaching golf professionals



Added scores of 3 competitions (1 skirun, 2 rounds golf)


Result/time of ski race (about 35 seconds) is multiplied by 4 and will be added to the scores of two rounds of 18 holes golf. (2 different courses) MASTER classes: time from ski competition is multiplied by 8, then multiplied by the year of birth (e.g. born 1953, time multiplied by 0.53) calculation minimum factor is 0,53 (born 1953 and before) Result skiing in seconds multiplied by 4 or 8* (score 1). Gross score golf round 2nd day (score 2). Gross score golf round 3rd day (score 3). 


Race 1 starts with ladies group, followed by Master Classes in Golf Handicaps ascending order. The 50 best ski results of 2022 race are set in ELITE-group. All professionals start in this group. *RACE 2 starts with ELITE class, main class, age class and juniors athletes mixed and sorted in ascending Golf Handicap order.

If a competitor does not finish the ski run, he/she has a second chance to restart at the end of the race field. The second run will entail a penalty of one second with regard to the actually achieved result in the race (before multiplying it). If an athlete does not finish this run either, he will receive a result of 60 seconds (just to remain in the competition). HELMETS REQUIRED AT SKI RACE!


is to be played on both 18 holes courses; the starting order is depending on skiing results. After the ski race the field will be divided into 2 parts. Field 1 (best skiing result) is playing golf first day at course Kitzsteinhorn. Field 2 (ski race result 100 -up) is starting at course Schmittenhöhe. On second golf day both fields will change the golf courses.

If scores are equal, the better score on the second golf day will be judged. If the scores are still equal the better score of golf round decides on the second day with the handicaps 9, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. In the case of an equal result primarily the better achieved time in ski race and secondarily the score of the first golf round is decisive.


5 unisex athletes  (minimum 4) are forming a team. 

The best/lowest scores of 4 athletes will be  taken. The result of ski race (without age factor) is applied. From the sum of each four best results on all three competition days (Ski – Golf day 1 – Golf day 2) the Team World-Cup is calculated. 

If the best added 4 Golf-Handicaps of  Team athletes are less than -26, their team compete in AMATEUR TEAM class. Teams with higher added 4 best Handicaps challenge the FUN- TEAM class. Teams with Professionals start in overall category. MASTERS-Team (4 or 5 Masterclass athletes) LADIES-Teams (Ladies only).

Entry closing date: May 01. 2023 – 12.00 a.m. Substitutes will only be accepted by receiving a new team entry form!! 


1 male and 1 female athlete qualified in mixed pair competition (entry form) all scores of both athletes will be taken.


Single competition: World Cup medals/ globes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Team competition: World Cup medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall teams /pure Amateur teams /Fun teams/ Master teams
Mixed Pairs Competition: World Cup medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place
The awards are given according to the above categories, within a minimum number of five athletes/teams out of three different nations. Athletes can start in 1 age-group only. World Champions (female and male) will be received by winners of overall ranking list, and in according categories.



Only the original web online entry forms from will be accepted.!! Individual registration with complete address, detailed information about handicap and local golf course via with fax, scan or e-mail. Team Registration with detailed information about all team players. Entry Closing Date: May 1st 2023, 12:00 

Euro 390.-

3 rounds of golf (2 tournament rounds and 1 practice round)

World Cup accreditation on lanyard

Race number ski

1 day ski pass for Kitzsteinhorn Glacier

Snacks & drinks at halfway on golf competition days

Cocktail at award ceremony



HOTEL ZUM HIRSCHEN Zell am See  Tel: ++43 6542 21828

TAUERNSTÜBERL Zell am See  Tel: ++43 6542 57174


PINSPORT Professional Sports
Saalfeldnerstrasse 19
A- 5700 Zell am See

Phone: ++43 676 719 3610

Fax: ++43 6542/47320-4
mail: skigolfworldcup(at)


Nearest airports: Munich (GER) 220km, Salzburg (AUT) 85km, Innsbruck (AUT) 110km, Linz (AUT) 160km

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